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Section 1 - Chain of Command

- Internal > External : While Rank is everything and you will follow a Higher ranks order. If you are a 501st Sergeant and a 212th 2nd Lieutenant orders you to head to the Hanger but a 501st 2ndLT orders you to head to bunks you will follow YOUR own Internal COs orders.


Section 2 - General Roleplay Rules

  • Use common sense, If you know you aren't supposed to do it or think it might be wrong don't do it.


  • Do not RDM (Act of attacking or killing another friendly).


  • You may not break character in any way, shape or form. It is FailRP and will result in an arrest. Use OOC for Out-of-Character.


  • Sims MUST be held in designated sim areas. (2nd Floor Sim Rooms or the Citadel.) and SIM must be in your in game name.


  • Do not ask to be whitelisted into jobs that you have not been promoted/trained for.


  • Do not be disrespectful.


  • Do NOT FailRP (Doing something that a Clone, Navy etc. would not do).


  • Knives can only be out on Defcon 3 or below, if you wish to have a knife fight, you must put SIM in your name, and go to a SIM room.


  • PTS stands for Permission to Speak and it is not to be broken.


  • Shock Troopers may break PTS via Local, /y or /w chat to give an order to an individual to help maintain order in the debrief.​


  • Breaking PTS is defined as: Using Voice Chat while PTS is active, typing in Local or /y chat.


  • Captain+ and Shock Troopers are allowed in the Command Center / Bridge without an Escort. Do not enter without a Security Detail otherwise.


  • If being escorted in you must still sign in with the security detail at the desk.


  • You cannot destroy the tac inserts of other players.


  • You can destroy tactical inserts of event jobs if gamemaster allows it.​


  • Event job characters are allowed to destroy tac inserts of players.​


  • Only CPT+, Shock Troopers can call AOS in /comms with a reason stated.


  • All AOS must be comms’d.


  • All arrests must have a COMMS'd warning given first, unless the person is past an AOS sign.


  • Everyone must be in the Project: Indigo Discord servers to join a battalion, branch or division.


  • Players cannot switch jobs/names during an RP situation to escape that specific RP situation.


  • If a debrief is called after an event it is mandatory for everyone.


  • No public demotions or humiliation.


  • No ERP (Erotic Roleplay) is permitted on the server ever. This includes ALL Voice and text chats.


  • Any form of sexual content in OOC unrelated to in-game is ALSO forbidden​


  • Passive event jobs in Debrief like senators and republic army troopers are allowed.


Section 3 - Fail RP Rules


  • 1.Standing or sitting on players is prohibited.


  • Jumping over shields is prohibited.


  • Talking about Out of Character (OOC) things in RP is prohibited.


  • The only location where you can speak Out of Character (OOC) is in the OOC lounge or in Discord.


  • Do not salute/bow during combat situations.


  • No FailRP names or lore names unless you are in that lore position.


  • Sitting on any object that clearly not intended to be sat on is prohibited.


  • You CANNOT have the visor body grouper on, without a Helmet On.


  • No severely anti-lore actions/activities can happen. Ex. A Jedi randomly decides to run into the caves and “go to the dark side”, or a clone blows up a ship filled with 80+ civs. 


  • Cannot ‘Power RP’ someone.


  • Cannot "strip weapons and comms" of an event job UNLESS the person target surrenders or the target is surrounded on all fours. If the target happens to be surrounded, you may not strip if they are firing/have their weapon ignited. One of the four individuals attempting to "strip weapons and comms" must roll above a 50. If you fail to out-roll the target three times, then you may not roll again and the action is a complete fail. If the target had surrendered, you do not need to roll and only use the bind.


  • Baton abuse (hitting anyone with a baton once or more with no intent to arrest) is considered an arrestable offence.


  • It is FailRP to place a Tactical Insertion on Shock Checkpoint Desks. Shock Troopers  have the right to destroy Tactical Insertions anywhere within the vicinity.


  • Throwing smoke grenades, thermal detonators, flashbangs or activating any sort of explosive around base for no reason accidentally or not will result in an immediate arrest.


  • Throwing these said grenades in simulations and in events with proper reason are allowed.


  • Any sort of repeated tryout adverts that are called in any type of chat whatsoever during events is considered FailRP.


  • Any action that involves running away or fleeing from being escorted is considered FailRP.


  • Placing tactical insertions while an enemy is directly engaging you is considered FailRP.


**Attempting to circumvent the rules through the use of loopholes is in and of itself against the rules**

**Racism, Harrassment, or Discrimination is not allowed**

-Major Joseph

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